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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our expertise is based on 20 years of professional experience

  • in national and international commercial law firms
  • with more than 100 transactions
  • and more than EUR 20 billion aggregated transaction volume
  • from a changing perspective, i.e. we advise
    • on the seller and buyer side
    • entrepreneurs and family shareholders
    • professional investors (private equity & venture capital funds, HNWIs)
    • founders and management
  • in different sectors and industries, among others
    • traditional industries (machinery and plant engineering)
    • packaging (flexible packaging and rigid)
    • technology companies (especially software, FinTech)
    • retail (e.g. online retail)
    • consulting (corporate finance and business consulting)
    • banking (payment services, leasing and factoring)
  • in a purely national or cross-border context

Lending & Financing Transactions

Since 2005, we have also been advising on corporate finance, especially acquisition and mezzanine finance. The key to this are 15 years of professional experience

  • in national and international commercial law firms
  • with more than 40 transactions
  • and more than EUR 1 billion aggregated financing volume
  • from a changing perspective
    • for borrowers/portfolio companies
    • for commercial banks and savings institutions
    • for debt and mezzanine funds
    • in club deals or bilaterally
  • in a changing market environment
    • 2005 until Lehman Brothers (“Covenant Lite”)
    • Lehman Brothers until 2012 (the era of debt-equity swaps, mezzanine and vendor loans)
    • from 2012 to Covid 19 (first alternative financing providers enter the market, development of unitranche structures by debt funds, establishment of super senior and synthetic structures (stretched senior), return of covenant lite/loose)
    • Covid 19 (NAV facilities at fund level, return of vendor loans)

Private Equity

From platform deals to add-on acquisitions and exits

  • since 2004, ongoing advice on private equity transactions
    • of all sizes (from small-cap deals to multi-billion dollar transactions)
    • of all types (classic, public to private, all equity, ReCaps, etc.)
    • all industries and sectors (whether production or asset light)
    • all forms (share deal and/or asset deal)
  • even in difficult times (financial crisis and Covid 19)

Venture Capital

From seed investment to the A-B-C-D-E round to the IPO exit, we advise founders as well as venture capitalists on:

  • the founding documentation
  • convertible loans
  • funding rounds and secondaries
  • employee participation programs
  • trade exits or IPO preparations
  • day-to-day corporate and housekeeping matters

Corporate Law

Whether partnerships or corporations, we master all legal forms and their corporate regulations:

  • since 2001, continuous advice in corporate law for
    • incorporations and foundations
    • amendment of articles of association and partnership agreements
    • capital measures (capital increases or decreases)
    • joint venture agreements
    • corporate law actions such as transformation processes or squeeze-outs
    • enterprise agreements (control and profit transfer)
    • contentious matters including post-M&A litigation and arbitration
  • for all parties involved
    • shareholders
    • board members and managing directors
    • supervisory and advisory boards


  • We are turn-around-proven and advise both in out-of-court restructurings as well as in insolvency/distressed situations
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